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We have partnered with NextWorld Enterprises since late 2021 bringing the extensive library of Virtual Reality learning experiences and the Learning Management System (LMS) to the UK market.

Focused in the Health & Safety sector, we can support all businesses across all sectors and demonstrate the benefits to your organisation of VR training.


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Providing both a content management system for the learning experiences and strong data collected to generate analytics with insightful predictions for customers - employers have ultimate levels of control.


The insights platform provides the employer the tool to manage the schedule & training of your employees, highlighting competency gaps. It provides you new, rich veins of data and analytics, and never seen before Insightful predictions.


Coupled with the learning experiences, the insight platforms enhances the safety and welfare of your staff.

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For customers to easily access, manage and deploy Insights VR Learning Experiences.


The platform deploys data collection providing centralised analytics from experiences and eye tracking.

Predict Risks

Launching the start of the prediction journey, data collection is used to provide predictive employee risk alerts.

Training tracking

See team members due for training, competency gaps and keep track of overdue training with inbuilt reminders.


Draw correlations

Know how your training is making an impact and see correlations between knowledge retention, engagement and employee competency.


Shift the dial

Understand team members risk profiles visually with a simulation where the dial ranges through their associated risk factors to arrive at an overall rating.


Risk alerts

Identify team members with a greater propensity to risk, based on their assessment scores and eye-tracking data.


Impactful predictions

Avoid “near misses”, know where the risks are in your organisation, with the ability to identify at-risk employees and deploy interventions.

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